100% OPTICAL, ExCeL London, 24-26 February 2024

Heading to 100% Optical with a story to tell.

Come and visit us at 100% Optical, Excel, London. 24-26th February 2024: Stand D12

We believe that everyone should have access to beautifully designed and manufactured eyewear. We are a family business designing optical frames and sunglasses for everyone. Delivering premium quality frames at an affordable price

Why Ashton Riley and why the Gorilla?

Ashton Riley, my sons first and middle names. I might be biased but I like the name and certainly felt it had a better ring to it than Brett Eyewear or Waugh Optical.

I wanted to create a brand I am as proud of as I am my own children and that they would be delighted to have their name on. I design, test and inspect all the styles to ensure they live up to the high standards my kids and I expect.

As a family business and brand, we wanted the logo to be connected to us as much as possible. As this brand bears Ashton’s name, it was only right he have an input. His favourite animals are monkeys and apes. Gorillas are intelligent, protective, creative and strong. A formidable combination. These attributes are reflected in our eyewear and the way we do business. It felt like a natural fit.

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